Power Book II: Ghost Season 1 coming to DVD in June 2021

Power Book II: Ghost Season 1 -- Courtesy of Myles Aronowitz/STARZ
Power Book II: Ghost Season 1 -- Courtesy of Myles Aronowitz/STARZ /

It’ll soon be time to grab Power Book II: Ghost Season 1 on DVD. The date is set for June 2021, and here’s all you need to know.

The popular sequel to Power has only been available on STARZ up to this point. While that’s great if you watch a lot of the other STARZ Originals, it can end up being expensive if the series is the only thing you watch on the channel.

At the same time, you can only watch the series. There are some excellent bonus features and deleted scenes often released, but you need something extra to watch them.

That means you want to grab it on DVD and Blu-ray. Or maybe you want to watch it on Digital via Amazon Video. Whichever way you prefer, there are options coming up very soon.

Power Book II: Ghost Season 1 DVD release date

The DVD release date is set for Tuesday, June 8. The release has only just been confirmed, and it’s not available for pre-order on Amazon at the time of writing this. You’ll want to keep an eye out for when that happens.

As of right now, the show is only available on Digital via Amazon Channels. You’ll need to have a STARZ subscription to watch. That is likely to change very soon. The date hasn’t been officially confirmed just yet, but most of the time, the show comes to Digital at the same time or slightly earlier than the DVD release.

There isn’t a Blu-ray release set just yet. That could change, but usually, it means that the production studio doesn’t think it will be popular enough to justify the Blu-ray release.

Power Book II: Ghost picks up after the events of the original series, Power. Tariq St. Patrick is dealing with grief after losing his father. Meanwhile, Tasha, Tariq’s mother, faces murder charges for something her son did. Tariq needs to figure out how to split his time to make sure he can pay for a good defense lawyer, leading to him getting involved in the drug game that could lead to him meeting the same fate as his father.

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Power Book II: Ghost Season 1 is coming to DVD on Tuesday, June 8.