5 good movies on Amazon to watch this weekend: April 10–11, 2021

Russell Crowe stars as “The Man” in the psychological thriller UNHINGED. Image Courtesy Skip Bolen/Solstice Studios
Russell Crowe stars as “The Man” in the psychological thriller UNHINGED. Image Courtesy Skip Bolen/Solstice Studios /

With a new weekend comes plenty of time to watch movies on Amazon. Between Amazon Prime Video and IMDb TV, there’s plenty to check out.

Thanks to both Amazon and IMDb TV releasing new content, there is plenty to watch throughout the weekend. In fact, there’s plenty for all interests, whether you want a thriller or you need an action movie.

If you do need more, you can always turn to Amazon Channels. While there’s little new in terms of movies during the actual weekend, the likes of HBO, STARZ, and SHOWTIME add all types of movies throughout the week to check out at the weekend.

Here are the five movies on Amazon to check out this weekend, April 10–11, 2021.

Unhinged and more movies on Amazon to watch this weekend


We start with a thriller, Unhinged. Russell Crowe stars as Tom Hopper, a man who ends up on a journey involving road rage. When he’s cut off by a woman, he snaps and starts following her, threatening her life.

Rachel, the woman in the other car, just wants to get herself and her young son to safety. What is Tom’s plan for revenge?

Girl from Monaco

If you like romance and foreign language filmes, you’re in a lot of luck with movies on Amazon this weekend. Girl from Monaco dropped during the week.

The movie follows a lawyer who heads to Monte Carlo with his employer’s bodyguard. He’s there to defend an old woman, but his journey turns into one of love. The problem is the woman he falls for is the ex-lover of the bodyguard.


How about a fantasy movie? Trollhunter offers that with three students who decide to head out on a mission to find what’s killing a load of bears. Of course, they expect it to involve something natural, but when they find out their hunter guide is a troll hunter, they realize there’s much more to the story.

While it is a genre movie, it is an entertaining ride. This is one to watch when you just want a bit of fun.


We have another Russell Crowe movie to check out. This one also involves Jennifer Connelly, Emma Watson, and Logan Lerman.

The story is the one you know well. God gives Noah the task of building an ark for himself and his family and has to get two of each kind of animal. There’s a flood coming that will wipe out the entire rest of the world.

The movie is on IMDb TV.

G.I. Joe: Retaliation

Channing Tatum, Adrianne Palicki, and Dwayne Johnson star in the G.I. Joe movie that is now on IMDb TV. It’s certainly one of the movies on Amazon to watch if you love action. No, it wasn’t an award-winning option, but it is good fun.

This movie in the franchise follows the Joes Zartan declares them traitors. Now that the Cobra Commander has the world leaders under his own control, the Joes will need to turn to General Colton to help.

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Which movies on Amazon are you watching this weekend? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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