The Peripheral: Jack Reynor headlining new Amazon series

Amazon is bringing a lot of news when it comes to upcoming shows. The latest is The Peripheral, which has found its lead actor in Jack Reynor.

If you’re interested in sci-fi adaptation, you’ll be excited to hear about The Peripheral. Based on the novel by William Gibson, it already had its lead female in Chloë Grace Moretz. It now has its lead male, according to Deadline.

Jack Reynor will play Burton, brother to Moretz’s Flynne. Burton is a Marine vet hired for a security job in what he believes is cyberspace. His sister temporarily takes his place, leading to her witnessing what could be a murder.

Gary Carr will also star in the Amazon Original Series. There is no date set for the release, but we’re looking at 2022 at the earliest. With casting only just taking place it’s going to be a while for filming to begin.

What is The Peripheral about?

The book follows the Fisher siblings set in a rural, near-future America. Jobs are scarce and Flynne wants to avoid illegally manufacturing drugs. She and her brother, Burton, attempt to live on the money that Burton gets as a vet after he suffered neurological damage while serving.

This is sci-fi, though. Wilf Netherton is another character who lives in London but 70 years or so later. The world is now mostly full of those who have everything, with the have-nots dying out.

When Flynne witnesses a potential crime in a simulation Burton is supposed to offer security for, Flynne and Wilf end up meeting. It’s time for Wilf to learn what it’s like for the lower classes, while Flynne deals with the mystery.

What do you love about The Peripheral by William Gibson? Who do you hope to see join the series? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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