5 must-see TV shows and movies on Amazon this week: April 5–11, 2021

Them -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video
Them -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video /

It’s a new week, which means some new releases on Amazon Prime Video and IMDb TV. Here are the five top shows and movies on Amazon this week.

While March was relatively quiet after the first day of the month, there are some excellent shows and movies on Amazon still to look forward to in April. This week has a new Amazon Original Series that you’ve likely been looking forward to since the first trailer.

There are also a few movies worth checking out on the streamer. Of course, IMDb TV also has us covered for options. And it counts since it’s Amazon’s free streaming service.

Can the list be overwhelming? Are you struggling to pick something to watch? We’ve got five top picks from the releases during the week.

Them: Covenant and more shows and movies on Amazon this week

Them: Covenant

If you’re willing to wait for the end of the week, you’ll be happy to hear that Amazon’s Them is finally being released. All episodes are dropping as a binge-watch (and don’t forget a new episode of Invincible is on Friday, April 9, too).

The series follows a Black family in the 1950s. When they move into an all-white neighborhood, they knew there could be some pushback, but they always thought they’d be safe with each other. When supernatural events happen in their house, they’re about to find out that’s not the case at all.

Girl from Monaco

For those who like a rom-com, you’ll be able to watch Girl from Monaco from Wednesday, April 7. The movie follows a lawyer who heads to Monte Carlo with his employer’s bodyguard. He’s there to defend an old woman, but naturally, he meets a woman and falls in love.

Things should be great, right? Well, the woman he falls in love with is the ex-lover of the bodyguard. Things could get messy.


If you love movies that focus on folklore, you’ll want to check out Trolhunter on Wednesday, April 7. A group of three students head to the woods to figure out what’s killing bears mysteriously. They think they’re on some great expedition, and they even have a hunter to guide them.

However, this hunter isn’t everything he seems. He’s a troll hunter, and the students are in for a case of their lives.

Bleed for This

Want something a little more inspirational? IMDb TV has you covered with the 2016 movie Bleed for This. After a car accident, a boxer is left paralyzed. He’s not ready to give up, though.

He wants to fight in one more fight. How can he do that considering the condition he’s in? That’s why he hires a trainer to help him achieve this dream. Watch the movie on Thursday, April 8.


You’ve heard all about the story of Noah and the Ark. It’s time for another retelling. This time, Russell Crowe is in the lead role, following orders from an angry God to build and ark, gather animals in breeding pairs, and get ready for an apocalyptic flood.

Jennifer Connelly, Emma Watson, and Hunter‘s Logan Lerman also star in the movie. It’s free and available from Friday, April 9.

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Which shows and movies on Amazon will you watch this week? Let us know in the comments below.

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