Is American Gods Season 4 happening?

Shadow (Ricky Whittle) and Odin (Ian McShane) in American Gods season 2 episode 6 / Credit: Starz
Shadow (Ricky Whittle) and Odin (Ian McShane) in American Gods season 2 episode 6 / Credit: Starz /

After the way the American Gods Season 3 finale ended, there is only one question on fans’ minds. Will American Gods Season 4 happen?

It’s been a long and difficult journey for the three seasons of American Gods we’ve had so far. Each season has had a new showrunner, and something was lost along the way with each season. It shouldn’t be too surprising to learn that there’s some bad news about the future of the series.

American Gods Season 4 is not happening at STARZ. The premium cable network opted to cancel the show, despite that shocking cliffhanger at the end of the Season 3 finale.

Do that mean you can only turn to the book by Neil Gaiman for answers to your burning questions? Well, it turns out the show itself isn’t completely dead in the water.

American Gods Season 4 could happen as a TV movie

The show as we know it at STARZ is done. The network isn’t going to run another season. However, Gaiman shares that Fremantle, which produces the series, is 100% behind the future.

In fact, Gaiman has said that the fourth season would be the end. It’s needed to wrap up the rest of the story, and this was always supposedly the plan. It could happen as either a limited series event or a TV movie.

Now a home for this potential event is needed. Could it be at Amazon Prime Video? This is certainly possible considering the series has aired on Amazon Prime Video internationally the day after new episodes aired on STARZ. It would make sense for Amazon to “save” the series just to bring it to its rightful conclusion.

For now, though, the book is the place to turn. It’s where you’ll get the entire story, and it may surprise you based on how the three seasons turned out.

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American Gods is available on STARZ.