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American Gods Season 3 -- Courtesy of STARZ
American Gods Season 3 -- Courtesy of STARZ /

We’re onto the penultimate episode of the season. Expect there to be fireworks and reveals on American Gods Season 3, Episode 9.

Let’s just start with that this could be the penultimate episode of the entire series. We still don’t know if American Gods Season 4 is going to happen, and that makes these final two episodes all the more exciting. Will they wrap up everything that needs wrapping up?

It certainly looks like a big episode. After a few episodes that have dragged in Laura’s storyline, she finally met another leprechaun and now has a plan to take out Wednesday. It all comes to a head judging by the promo, but is this how the episode will end? After all, shouldn’t this happen at the very end of the season?

Penultimate episodes can also be big ones for major character deaths. We could see Wednesday taken out for good. Or maybe this is when another character is taken out of the storyline for good.

What is Shadow doing on American Gods Season 3, Episode 9

Meanwhile, Shadow has his own storyline still. He’s back in Lakeside and this storyline is hotting up.

During the previous episode, he saved his dear old dad once more. That’s not all that surprising. He’s always felt some sort of connection from the beginning, and knowing that Wednesday is his dad just makes that connection deeper. It doesn’t matter if you don’t want to feel something; most of the time your emotions spring up without warning.

However, this episode sees him back at Lakeside. Is it time for him to finally find out what’s the deal with the car? Isn’t this part of the book that we’ve been eagerly waiting for?

Check out the promo for American Gods Season 3, Episode 9:

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