Riviera Season 2 and more coming to DVD this week

Riviera Season 3 -- Courtesy of Justin Downing/Sky UK Ltd
Riviera Season 3 -- Courtesy of Justin Downing/Sky UK Ltd /

Looking to add something new to your DVD and Blu-ray collection? Riviera Season 2 is one of the DVD releases happening this week.

Things are on the quieter side when it comes to DVD releases this week. The month of March has some excellent titles, but this week is just quiet. There are only five new releases, but there are some titles to pay close attention to.

The first is Riviera Season 2. The first season only just recently came out on DVD and Blu-ray after only being available on Sundance Now for U.S. fans. Now it’s time to add the second season.

There is a third season on Sundance Now but no date confirmed as to when it will come to DVD and Blu-ray. You can streaming it on Sundance Now, though, so there’s no need to feel like you’re missing out.

IP Man, Vanguard, and more on DVD this week

Vanguard is one of the movies heading to DVD that you’ll want to pay attention to. Jackie Chan stars in this adventure-crime movie as a seemingly harmless accountant. When he’s targeted for death, he needs to turn to the infamous Vanguard for protection.

While it did receive mixed reviews, this is one of those movies for Jackie Chan fans.

Ip Man: Kung Fu Master is another movie to look out for. It follows a promising policeman who ends up framed for murder. When a mob boss’s daughter starts targeting him, his whole career and life are in danger.

Can he prove that he’s innocent? Will he be able to keep his life in the process?

DVD releases happening this week:

  • Adverse
  • American Skin
  • Ip Man: Kung Fu Master
  • Riviera Season 2
  • Vanguard

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Which DVD releases are you getting this week? What are you looking forward to coming throughout the month? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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