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American Gods Season 3 -- Courtesy of Jasper Savage/STARZ
American Gods Season 3 -- Courtesy of Jasper Savage/STARZ /

Laura is plotting with new faces to end Wednesday on American Gods Season 3, Episode 7. Don’t miss a beat of the all-new episode live.

Laura knows she has a job to do, and that job is to kill Wednesday. That’s much easier said than done considering who Wednesday is and the number of followers he has. So, Laura needs help. A lot of help.

It looks like she’s turning to the New Gods for some help with this matter, and there’s a new face among the New Gods. Is this another face for Mr. World? After all, it turns out Mr. and Ms. World are the same God but change faces depending on who they’re speaking to. Could there be another one?

More importantly, will Laura go through with this? She’s not alone, and she may have a much more calmer voice in her ear.

Elsewhere on American Gods Season 3, Episode 7

While that goes on, Shadow is back in Lakeside. There is something fishy going on, and we may get to find out exactly what that is.

It looks like we’re getting to the part of the book that we’ve been waiting all season for. Will Shadow find Allison’s body? Will we get to find out what’s going on in this strange little town?

The sheriff tells someone “what you did is a crime,” but I don’t think it’s going to be Shadow. There’s someone else he’s far more frustrated with.

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Date: Sunday, Feb. 28
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Episode: Season 3, Episode 7, “Fire and Ice”
TV Channel: STARZ
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