5 must-watch movies on Amazon in March 2021

Coming 2 America -- Courtesy of Amazon Studios
Coming 2 America -- Courtesy of Amazon Studios /

While it is on the quieter side, there are still some great movies coming to Amazon in March 2021. Here are the five must-watch movies on Amazon next month.

It doesn’t matter if you love comedy, thrillers, or period pieces. There really is something for everyone on Amazon Prime Video throughout the month of March.

This month does only see one Amazon Original Movie added to the list. However, Amazon makes up for it with some excellent third-party releases from start to finish. There’s even something for the kids, bringing nostalgia for the entire family.

Spread out the movies throughout the month. It’s time to picked out the must-watch movies on Amazon during March.

5 must-watch movies on Amazon Prime Video next month

Coming 2 America

We start with the Amazon Original Movie that will drop at the beginning of the month. It’s also one of the most highly anticipated movies of 2021, and a long-waited for sequel.

You’ll remember Coming to America. Now it’s time for the King to return to New York in search for a Prince. He’s not paid child support that whole time, so he’s going to be in a lot of trouble. It’s also not going to be that easy to get his kid out of the country.

Get ready for plenty of laughter on March 5.

Back to the Future (and sequels)

Next up is one of the best trilogies ever made. The Back to the Future movies are on Amazon Prime Video in March, and there’s no doubt you’ll agree that they’re a must. Whether you just want to watch the first one or you want to binge-watch all three, you have that choice.

Join Marty McFly back on his journey to 1955 where he has to do everything he can not to destroy his parents’ love story.

All three movies are available on March 1.

ET The Extra-Terrestrial

Need something for the whole family? Back to the Future is great, but there’s another on the list. ET The Extra-Terrestrial is coming to Amazon Prime Video in March. There’s no way you can miss it.

It needs no introduction. Elliot finds an alien and will do whatever he can to protect ET and get ET home. What happens when the government finds out?

Check out the movie on March 1.

Honest Thief

When it comes to current movies, there are very few coming to Amazon Prime Video. However, Honest Thief is one of the must-watch movies on Amazon for those who love Liam Neeson.

In this movie, Neeson plays a bank robber who agrees to return the money he’s stolen in return for a deal. He just wants to live an honest life from now on. However, when he’s framed for murder, he needs to do what it takes to clear his name.

The Ghost Writer

Back in 2010, Ewan McGregor and Pierce Brosnan teamed up for The Ghost Writer. McGregor plays Ghost, a ghostwriter who agrees to finish Adam Long’s (Brosnan) memoirs. This man in the former Prime Minister of Britain, and it is a once-in-a-lifetime chance. Why wouldn’t he?

However, he soon starts to learn the dirty and dark secrets about Lang that his late predecessor must have found out. Is it possible the predecessor was killed to prevent the secrets coming out? Will Ghost end up the same way?

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Which must-watch movies on Amazon are you watching in March 2021? Let us know in the comments below.

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