Tell Me Your Secrets is coming to Amazon Prime Video tonight

Tell Me Your Secrets -- Courtesy of Skip Bolen/Turner Entertainment Networks
Tell Me Your Secrets -- Courtesy of Skip Bolen/Turner Entertainment Networks /

Are you ready for another thriller? Amazon has you covered with Tell Me Your Secrets, arriving on Prime Video tonight.

This is certainly one of those shows that has been through many updates and changes. It all started with TNT picking up the show and then dropping it after episodes had filmed. Amazon Prime Video saved Tell Me Your Secrets, and it’s finally time to check it out.

You can watch it from midnight tonight. It’s not a global Amazon Original Series, which will affect the timing. While there is a small chance that the show will drop earlier, don’t be too disappointed if it doesn’t arrive before midnight ET on Friday, Feb. 19.

All episodes will drop at once. There’s no need to worry about the weekly wait. (It’s not Amazon choosing to do this, but the individual shows asking for weekly releases because that’s best for the shows.)

It will be worth the wait.

What is Tell Me Your Secrets about?

The 10-episode series follows three characters with mysterious and troubling pasts. Lily Rabe plays Emma, a young woman who is hiding from a dangerous killer. She once looked him in the eyes, and now she has to live with her actions at the time while hiding under an assumed name.

Hamish Linklater is John, a former serial predator who just wants to find redemption. Of course, people don’t necessarily want to give people a chance at redemption, so it’s going to be much easier said than done.

Finally, Amy Brenneman is Mary, a mother who is grieving the loss of her daughter. Her daughter is missing, and she will do whatever it takes to find her.

All three are pushed to the edge as their secrets come out. You will question all their motives as they cross from victim to perpetrator and back again.

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Tell Me Your Secrets is on Amazon Prime Video tonight.