Greenland ending explained: Why couldn’t the Garritys have found a local bunker?

Greenland -- Image courtesy of STXFilms
Greenland -- Image courtesy of STXFilms /

Throughout Greenland, we watched the Garritys fight for survival to get to a military bunker. Here’s the Greenland ending explained with why it was necessary.

From the start of the movie, it was clear that to survive, the Garritys would need to make it to the bunker they were selected for. That selection came from John Garrity’s job as a structural engineer. After the shockwaves the comet fragments would cause, structural engineers would be a must.

Yet, the ending to the movie certainly leaves a lot of questions. With many of the structures still partially standing, why wouldn’t people just be able to find shelter somewhere in their homes? What about local bunkers? I’m sure there would have been plenty of doomsday preppers out there!

That’s why we’re here with the Greenland ending explained. The military bunker was a necessity.

Greenland ending explained: There’s no way the Garritys would have otherwise survived

Had the Garritys and others not made it to Greenland in time, there’s no way they would have survived. Sure, there were some structures still standing, but they wouldn’t have had anywhere local to go.

Doomsday preppers plan for themselves. They wouldn’t have been willing enough to help complete strangers, even if that was one of the Garritys’ plans. That wasn’t even something they considered.

They knew the military bunker was the best chance. The bunker was set up for them, with supplies to last months.

Clearly, the military hadn’t stocked enough medication for individuals, which is why Nathan and others were rejected, but it didn’t matter by the end. The soldiers just wanted to get the bunker doors shut and get everyone underground with minutes to spare from the impact. There was no time to make sure everyone who got there was selected to be there.

But why wouldn’t other bunkers have worked? Why not get into a basement and hope for the best? It all comes down to the radio messages.

It took nine months to get people out

If you listened to all the radio messages between bunkers, you’ll have understood why people couldn’t have survived. It took nine months to go from the blast to the doors opening. Not everyone would have supplies to last nine months.

And they would have needed them. There were mentions of radiation levels. It took nine months for the levels of radiation to be safe. Anyone who had stayed in a basement and hoped for the best would have likely died from radiation poisoning.

Only those who had been doomsday preppers would have likely survived. They would have had the food and water to survive the nine months if they’d started prepping soon enough.

The military bunkers were the only option for people like the Garritys.

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