Supernova and more heading to Digital this week

Colin Firth (left) and Stanley Tucci (right) star in SUPERNOVA, written and directed by Harry Macqueen. Credit: Bleecker Street
Colin Firth (left) and Stanley Tucci (right) star in SUPERNOVA, written and directed by Harry Macqueen. Credit: Bleecker Street /

There are five Digital releases currently confirmed for release on Tuesday, Feb. 16. Supernova is the biggest of the releases.

Supernova came out in theaters in January, but we were promised a Digital release. That’s happening this coming week, and it’s the top movie to buy.

Colin Firth and Stanley Tucci star in this bittersweet movie about two men in love. When one is diagnosed with dementia, the other will do whatever he can to make their last years together fantastic. However, it’s not easy as the memory slips.

There are a lot of questions raised in this heartfelt movie. One of the biggest is what happens when only one of them remembers how important their relationship is to each other?

Other Digital releases happening on Feb. 16

This week will also see the release of All My Life, another bittersweet movie. Jessica Rothe and Harry Shum Jr. are outstanding in this movie about two people who will do whatever they can for each other. However, when one is diagnosed with a terminal illness, they realize their whole lives together will be cut short.

The two decide to continue with the wedding they planned but in a shorter space of time. However, that decision brings some anger and heartbreak. It’s a heartwarming story of love despite the bittersweetness of the story.

If you want something a little more fun, Monster Hunter is the movie for you. Based on the video game, the movie stars Milla Jovovich as Lt. Artemis. She and her loyal soldiers are transferred into a world beyond their imagination.

As they face giant monsters, they run into someone who seems to know everything about hunting down the creatures. Can Artemis and her elite soldiers work with the monster hunter long enough to get back home?

What’s coming to Digital this week:

  • All My Life
  • Half Brothers
  • Monster Hunter
  • Random Acts of Violence
  • Supernova

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Which Digital releases are you getting this week? What are you excited to see come to Digital soon? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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