The Map of Tiny Perfect Things ending explained

The Map of Tiny Perfect Things -- Courtesy of Amazon Studios
The Map of Tiny Perfect Things -- Courtesy of Amazon Studios /

Did Mark and Margaret get out of their time loop? Here’s a breakdown of how The Map of Tiny Perfect Things ended, along with an explanation.

Mark and Margaret were the only two stuck in a time loop. When Mark wanted to get out of it, Margaret held back. She didn’t want to leave this time loop, mostly because she was running from a fact of life.

It turned out her mom was dying of cancer. By getting out of the time loop, she would have to eventually say goodbye to her mom. By remaining in the time loop, she could keep her mom close to her day after day.

However, in the end, Margaret realized that she wasn’t really living life. She had to find a way to get out of the time loop, and it all linked to the map of tiny perfect things.

The map of tiny perfect things offered a pattern

Mark theorized that the map of all the tiny perfect things that they’d collected held some sort of pattern. After she left Mark on the plane (which didn’t help to reset the time loop), Margaret was left alone. It was after a talk with her mom that she decided she’d need to get out of this time loop.

Mark’s friend was the one who helped figure it out. Margaret managed to unlock the map in the game we kept seeing the friend playing, and immediately Margaret realized that the map was the clue.

It did hold a pattern. After marking everything on the map, she realized that there was something missing. That something was at the pool, which was where Mark had realized Margaret was also stuck in this same time loop.

That perfect thing? It was Margaret opening up to Mark and kissing him.

Would Mark and Margaret get out of the time loop?

With the last thing marked off, Mark and Margaret headed back to the hospital so Margaret could say goodbye to her mom.

Of course, there’s no confirmation that Margaret’s mom would die the next day, but it’s clear that Margaret’s mom was close to death. There wasn’t that much time, and by restarting the time loop, Margaret knew that she was handing her mom a death sentence.

However, she had to move forward in life. She was just existing at this point.

And so, after the kiss at the pool, Margaret and Mark held hands outside the hospital. They just watched the skies, hearing a rumble of thunder. That had never happened before. Looking down at a watch, they saw it turn past midnight and the rain came down.

The time loop was broken. It was all about the map of tiny perfect things, and an acceptance that Margaret had to live her life.

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