5 good Amazon movies to watch this weekend: The Map of Tiny Perfect Things and more

The Map of Tiny Perfect Things -- Courtesy of Amazon Studios
The Map of Tiny Perfect Things -- Courtesy of Amazon Studios /

It’s Valentine’s Day weekend, which possibly means you’re looking for romance movies. But not everyone is. Here are five good Amazon movies to watch for all preferences.

If you’re not looking for romance movies, I get it. I’m not the biggest Valentine’s Day fan, either. I don’t need one day of the year to tell my husband I love them.

That being said, sometimes romance movies are fun. So, that’s why this list is packed with different types of content. Whether you want romance or horror-comedy, we’ve got you covered with Amazon movies.

Here are the five Amazon movies you’ll want to watch from Feb. 13 to Feb. 14.

5 good Amazon movies: Valentine’s Day Weekend

The Map of Tiny Perfect Things

We will start with the romance movies, and both on this list are on Amazon Prime Video. The first is a YA movie starring Kyle Allen and Kathryn Newton.

The Map of Tiny Perfect Things follows two teenagers who are stuck in a time loop. They decide to use the time loop as a chance to collect all the tiny perfect things they can find in their town, but what happens when one of them wants out of the time loop?

Moulin Rouge

If you prefer musicals and you don’t mind a bittersweet movie, you’ll need to turn you attention to Moulin Rouge. It dropped at the start of this month, and has already been on our good Amazon movies list once.

The movie is packed with tunes you’ll recognize recreated into the themes for the movie. There’s a look at love, lust, loss, and sacrifice.

The Book of Eli

Need something completely different? Amazon Channels have a range of other types of movies, and HBO offers up The Book of Eli.

Denzel Washington stars in this dystopian future movie about a man who has wandered the desolate landscapes of North America for 30 years. He fights the dangers that come his way in an attempt to protect the secrets that will save mankind.

Sleepy Hollow

Need a horror-comedy? STARZ has you covered with this one. The Johnny Depp-Christina Rocci movie Sleepy Hollow is now streaming. Yes, it’s the 1999 movie that you’re thinking of that involves the headless horseman and the stepmother from hell.

Depp is Ichabod Crane, a detective who arrives in the town of Sleepy Hollow to figure out a murder. He bites off far more than he can chew.


Mads Mikkelsen stars in the last of the good Amazon movies to check out this weekend. It’s another on STARZ, and this one is from 2019 and the survival movie you must see.

When his plane crashes in the Arctic wasteland, a lone pilot needs to simply survive while he waits in hope that someone will catch his radio signals. When he comes across another human being, everything about his survival changes.

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Which Amazon movies are you watching this weekend? Let us know in the comments below.

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