Live-action Pinocchio coming to Digital in February 2021

Pinocchio -- Courtesty of Lionsgate
Pinocchio -- Courtesty of Lionsgate /

He’s got no strings to hold him down, but that doesn’t make him a real boy. It’s time to follow Pinocchio’s journey once more when it comes to Digital.

You’ve seen the story a thousand times. It’s one of the most touching and inspirational stories going, teaching right from wrong while watching a young boy explore life. Now it’s time to see the story again, this time in live-action.

The Lionsgate version of the movie is coming to Digital on Tuesday, Feb, 23. You can’t yet pre-order it on Amazon, but it should be available soon. It’s going to be worth grabbing once it is out.

It will be available on 4K at $14.99 and in HD or SD at $12.99. If you’re planning to upgrade your TV to 4K soon, you’ll want to spend the extra money for this beautiful rendition.

A DVD and Blu-ray release date haven’t been confirmed by Lionsgate at this time.

Pinocchio — Courtesty of Lionsgate
Pinocchio — Courtesty of Lionsgate /

What is Lionsgate’s Pinocchio about?

The story follows the one you’ve come to know and love over the years. When a man makes a wooden puppet that comes to life, he is on top of the world. However, this young boy wants to explore the world.

He realizes that there is more out there. At the same time, he faces temptation and those who want to use him for their own personal gain. Pinocchio has to figure out right from wrong if he wants to become a real boy.

We follow the puppet with no strings on his journey of self-discovery. The difference between this one and the Disney cartoon version is the lack of Jiminy Cricket, who was tasked as being Pinocchio’s conscience since he didn’t have one. I’m intrigued at how the story is going to handle that, although it may come from others he meets along the way.

Check out the beautiful but somewhat haunting trailer for the new movie:

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Pinocchio is coming to Digital on Feb. 23, 2021.