American Gods Season 3: What has happened to Bilquis?

American Gods Season 3 -- Courtesy of Jasper Savage/STARZ
American Gods Season 3 -- Courtesy of Jasper Savage/STARZ /

Shadow Moon headed to New York to find Bilquis, only to find a somewhat empty apartment. What has happened to her on American Gods Season 3?

Okay, so the apartment wasn’t completely empty. Technical Boy was there, although certainly not the cocky boy we know. He stared at his hands in shock, suggesting that Bilquis did something to him again that put him in some sort of possible past life experience.

But Bilquis wasn’t at the apartment. And it’s clearly been ransacked. There is also blood on the floor, and the last we saw of Bilquis, she was getting ready for a fight.

What exactly went down during the fight? Who has Bilquis now and why?

Have the New Gods got their hands on Bilquis in American Gods?

It’s certainly likely that the New Gods had their hands in the attack on Bilquis. Technical Boy went out to get her during the American Gods Season 3 premiere, but Bilquis refused to help and did something to Technical Boy that left him in a similar state to the way Shadow found him.

But what if he came back with backup? After all, Ms. World wants to get her hands on Bilquis. We don’t know the full details why, but Bilquis is important.

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Why is Bilquis sick?

But there’s another huge problem with Bilquis. After she absorbed Sanders, she was sick. That’s not normal. She gets her energy from absorbing her devout followers.

Now that isn’t working, and it’s not clear why.

That is until American Gods Season 3, Episode 3. We see Bilquis look at Sanders’s phone that he’s left behind. There are multiple text messages from his granddaughter, and it’s clear she feels guilt for her actions. Up to this point, she hasn’t had to consider a person’s family, and now she has this granddaughter looking for her grandfather and a woman worried about her father.

The guilt is eating at Bilquis. She’s going to need to find a new way to get her energy, but what way will that be? Is this something Shadow can help with and why she’s reaching out to him in her dreams?

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Who do you think took Bilquis in American Gods Season 3, Episode 3? What do you think is happening to her? Share your theories in the comments below.

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