When will Flack Season 2 come to Amazon Prime Video?

Flack. Image courtesy PopTV PR
Flack. Image courtesy PopTV PR /

Fans want to know when they can watch Flack Season 2 on Amazon Prime Video

Seven months after saving Flack, the first season is available on Amazon Prime Video. Fans want to know when Flack Season 2 will arrive.

It’s not surprising that Amazon has decided to release the two seasons separately. Not only does this help to raise awareness about the show, but it also helps Amazon stretch its content. We’re at the point in the schedule where the lack of filming during the start of the pandemic is having a knock-on effect.

There just isn’t enough content to bring a lot new each month, so stretching releases makes the most sense. That doesn’t mean we’re happy that we won’t get to see Flack Season 2.

You see, despite Pop TV renewing the series and all episodes filming, Flack Season 2 never aired in the U.S. Only UK viewers got to see the next stage in Robyn’s journey. So, naturally, U.S. viewers are anxious to see more.

It shouldn’t be too long before the second season arrives. You can watch the trailer for it for now—yes, even a trailer was released and the show didn’t make it to air!

Flack Season 2 will likely be on Amazon Prime Video within six months

Amazon could do something similar to what Netflix did with Cobra Kai. After saving the series from YouTube, Netflix brought the first two seasons that viewers had the chance to see at once. Then about six months or so later, the third season (which had already been filmed but never aired on YouTube) dropped.

It makes sense to bring the content that viewers have already had a chance to see first. It hypes up the release of the second season.

And six months between the seasons isn’t too bad. We usually have to wait at least 12 months, but most Amazon Originals take a lot longer to arrive.

We’ll be sure to update as soon as there is an official release date.

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Flack Season 1 is now available to stream on Amazon Prime Video.