2 movies are coming to Digital this week: Jan. 26

Greenland -- Image courtesy of STXFilms
Greenland -- Image courtesy of STXFilms /

Greenland is one of two Digital releases happening this week

There isn’t much coming to Amazon Prime Video this week, and there aren’t many Digital releases happening either. However, there is still something to watch.

Two movies will get Digital releases this week. The first is a movie that’s coming to Amazon Prime Video just a week later. The second movie is a comedy horror that certainly exceeded expectations.

Greenland on Digital on Jan. 26

The first release is Greenland. Gerald Butler stars in this disaster movie that sees a man willing to do whatever he can to keep his family safe. When an asteroid happens to create a world-ending event, he needs to get his family to a bunker to protect them from the blast.

It’s one of the movies released during the pandemic and has a quick Digital release. It’s coming to DVD just next month.

It’s also getting a quick streaming release, coming to Amazon Prime Video on Feb. 5.

Freaky getting its Digital release

The second movie is the comedy horror Freaky. Kathryn Newton and Vince Vaughn star as a teenager and a serial killer who end up switching bodies.

Naturally, the serial killer is more than happy with the switch. The teenager not so much.

Vaughn’s performance has been widely praised, even if the storyline is a little predictable. It’s a fun movie to add to your comedy-horror collection.

What about The Little Things?

The Little Things is coming to theaters and HBO Max at the end of the week. Will this also come to Digital?

It’s not 100% clear what’s happening here. The movie is likely to be on HBO Max for a month and then may come to Digital to rent. It won’t be on Digital to buy for another few months at least.

It will get a Digital release to rent in other countries where the movies aren’t coming to streaming platforms.

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Which Digital releases are you getting this week? Let us know in the comments below.

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