Snowpiercer Season 1 and 9 more DVD releases happening this week: Jan. 26

Snowpiercer- Ep 101 8/28/18 ph: Justina Mintz SPS1_101_082818_0553.DNG 410105
Snowpiercer- Ep 101 8/28/18 ph: Justina Mintz SPS1_101_082818_0553.DNG 410105 /

Snowpiercer Season 1 is one of the DVD releases happening on Jan. 26

It’s a new week, which means there’s a list of new DVD releases out. This week will see 10 TV shows and movies head to DVD and Blu-ray.

As usual, there are some notable mentions. The majority of those noteworthy mentions are TV shows. However, there are a couple of movies you may want to look out for.

We’ll take a look at those bigger releases and then share all the DVD releases happening on Tuesday, Jan. 26.

Snowpiercer, You, and more

When it comes to the TV shows, there is one that all fans of dystopian shows will want to get. Snowpiercer Season 1 is now available on DVD and Blu-ray.

It’s a day after Snowpiercer Season 2 premiered on TNT, but there is still time to catch up on it all. Plus, the DVD boxset will be worth it for some of the potential bonus features.

Another noteworthy TV show coming to DVD and Blu-ray is You Season 2. There may not be many bonus features since this is a Netflix original. Usually, the Netflix original shows just release the episodes on DVD to avoid giving people more of a reason not to subscribe.

Doom Patrol Season 2 is also coming to DVD and Blu-ray. The DC Universe series, which will now head to HBO Max, is a fun and wild ride. If you loved the first season, you’ll adore the second.

Movie DVD releases this week

There are a couple of movies worth noting for this week. The first is Come Play, for all those horror fans out there. A bizarre creature called Larry escapes the confines of his storybook app. Now the parents will need to do what they can to protect their son.

The second movie worth looking at is Princess of the Row. The 2019 movie is about a foster child who decides that she’s going to remain by her father’s side no matter what. However, her dad has a mental illness and lives on LA’s Skid Row. It’s not enough to turn her away, but she also wants to get her dad away from the city life.

What’s coming to DVD and Blu-ray this week:

  • Batman: Soul of the Dragon
  • Bordertown Season 1
  • Born a Champion
  • Come Play
  • Doom Patrol Season 1
  • Fatman
  • Princess of the Row
  • Snowpiercer Season 1
  • Synchronic
  • You Season 2

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Which DVD releases are you getting this week? What are you looking forward to seeing on DVD and Blu-ray? Let us know in the comments below.

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