Will Filip have second thoughts about Marco’s vision on The Expanse?

The Expanse Season 5 -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video
The Expanse Season 5 -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video /

Will Filip want to save Naomi on The Expanse Season 5?

Marco’s plan isn’t quite working out on The Expanse Season 5. Naomi has managed to change the distress call on her ship. Whether it’s in time or not is another thing, but it could offer Filip a chance to switch sides.

There is something that Naomi said to Filip that is going to stick in his mind. Marco will be happy for people to die for him, but Marco would never die for anyone else. That includes Filip. And Filip is probably about to see that happen.

Karal will tell Marco that the distress message has changed. Marco will likely send a team out to see what the problem is, but it will be clear to most that Naomi likely survived throwing herself out of the airlock. Filip may realize that he saw more than he initially thought he did.

Filip gets a second chance with Naomi on The Expanse

This will give Filip the chance to find out that Naomi is alive. He’ll also see that Marco will likely happily send others to their deaths if it means completing a mission. But Filip won’t want to see his mom die.

He already refused to space Naomi and even brought her to Marco’s ship to save her life. He’ll likely mourn what he thinks is her death.

Marco won’t care, though. Not only has Naomi managed to escape, but she has also now changed his plans. There’s the chance that the Roci won’t get blown up the way he wants. Filip is about to see that side to his father, possibly a side that he’s never got to see before.

Sure, he’s seen Marco blow up Belter ships of those who haven’t joined him. Filip has even carried out executions himself. But they are people Filip doesn’t know personally. When it becomes personal, things change.

He also now knows what it’s like to lose his mom. Getting her back and losing her again won’t be something he wants to go through.

We may just see Filip take over on The Expanse Season 5.

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What do you think Filip will do on The Expanse Season 5? What’s next with Naomi’s boobytrapped ship? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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