The Expanse Season 5, Episode 8 recap: What will Naomi do?

The Expanse Season 5 -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video
The Expanse Season 5 -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video /

Naomi has to find a way to stop her ship being a trap on The Expanse Season 5, Episode 8

After the end of the previous episode, there were a lot of questions for The Expanse Season 5, Episode 8. It’s time to see what’s in store for everyone next.

The end of the previous episode saw Naomi get to her ship. It was clear she would survive and it didn’t take too long for the next episode to confirm that. However, would she be able to stop her ship from being a trap for the Roci?

Meanwhile, we’d spend some time with the others, including Marco on the next stage of his plan and Amos as he tries to get back to his friends.

Naomi tries to save Holden and the Roci

After learning that Naomi made it, we pick up with her dealing with blurred vision and pain from the experience in space. There’s not much time to recover, though. She needs to get a message out to Holden, but her ship has been well and truly boobytrapped with bombs.

She hears a sound on the ship and heads to where it’s coming from. Marco has set up a fake distress call in Naomi’s voice to lure the Roci in. Maybe this is the first step to prevent the trap from being a success.

She needs to figure out how to do it all with minimal tools. But, we all know if anyone can figure it out, it’s Naomi.

Amos and Peaches continue to Baltimore

Amos and Peaches are now on the road with the bikes they got at the cabin. They need to get to Baltimore. Peaches knows a possible way to get a shuttle somewhere, but they’ll need some help. It’s still on the way to Baltimore.

Amos might want to find a way of getting a communication to Avasarla. She’d help him get back to the Roci knowing how much good the team does together. However, it’s Baltimore for now back to the guy who said not to return.

He can’t get a message, but he does want to head to Amos. The problem is Eric doesn’t exactly want to help, and he doesn’t want to head to Luna either.

Peaches shares there are some houses of rich people that have their own private shuttles. She knows of one place—which happened to belong to an inmate who Peaches knew—and eventually, Eric decides that he will head to Luna after all.

Marco believes Naomi is dead on The Expanse Season 5, Episode 8

It turns out Filip didn’t see much on The Expanse Season 5, Episode 7. He does believe Naomi is dead, and that she killed Cyn while doing so. Marco puts the blame solely on Filip for being weak earlier on.

Holden and Alex continue to search for Naomi

Holden and co. need to deal with the exploded Zmeya. There is nothing there that suggests the protomolecule was even on there. That’s okay; Holden’s main focus is on getting Naomi back. He’s so focused on that that he could walk into a trap.

Meanwhile, Alex and Bobbie continue to look for anything that could help them with the latest situation. They come across the automated distress call and naturally assume that Naomi really is in trouble.

Can someone please use their brains about all this knowing that Marco was holding Naomi hostage? She wouldn’t have sounded that calm!

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Camina’s crew tries to remain together

It’s not easy for Camina on The Expanse Season 5, Episode 8. Karal isn’t going to make it easy, and she’ll make it even harder when she finds out Cyn has died. She makes it clear that Marco allowed the Belters who didn’t want to join the Free Navy leave in peace. Who really believes that?

Camina is struggling with what to do next. It doesn’t seem like she understood Filip’s accidental slip-up in one of the previous episodes after all. She’s not contacted anyone about Naomi.

They do eventually have a little bit of fun to release some of the tension and remove some of the grief, but it doesn’t last long. They need to figure out what to do next.

When Camina hears the distress call from Naomi, she decides they’re heading there. Karal tells Camina everything about Naomi, including she’s dead because that’s what Marco and Karal believe. It’s one too many losses for Camina, who drinks the bottle of good alcohol left behind.

David Paster tries to lead

David Paster puts on a good show for the people, making it clear that everyone is focused on catching Marco. Are his second-thoughts on his abilities just a show? Either way, he’s a good actor, and hopefully, he is on the side of good.

There’s a lot to focus on, though. While chasing Marco, they also need to keep some ships around the ring.

But one good thing is that Paster is listening to those around him. It looks like he is on the side of good right now, but is he willing to kill thousands of Belters at Pallas to send a message when they might not be Marco loyalists? Avasara is against the idea in case there aren’t as many OPA as thought.

They need to get the right option as a response.

Naomi comes up with a plan

Naomi manages to create a makeshift radio with a warning that there’s a proximity radar. She wants to make sure nobody comes close to her. Nobody at all.

When that doesn’t work, she dons her suit without oxygen tank to find the source of the message. It takes a few attempts with the CO2 levels getting too high, but eventually gets to the wire. She cuts the message in and out to change what is being said. She wants to make sure everyone who could come close to her knows that she’s there.

We find out what she’s done by Karal coming across the changed message. She was so sure that Naomi was dead. Will Karal want to get to the ship?

I’m mostly concerned about Alex, considering we know Cas Anver won’t be part of Season 6. Will trying to rescue Naomi be how he dies?

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What did you think of Naomi’s actions? What will happen on the penultimate episode of The Expanse Season 5? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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