What does Marco really want on The Expanse Season 5?

The Expanse Season 5 -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video
The Expanse Season 5 -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video /

Does Marco want to help or just want power on The Expanse Season 5?

Marco Inaros is currently rallying the Belters together to go up against the Inners on The Expanse Season 5. It looks like he’s doing it to help, but is that really the case?

Throughout the fifth season, we’ve watched as Marco has taken steps to unite the Belt. It really started during Season 4, but it’s in The Expanse Season 5 that we see his plan fully in motion.

One thing that isn’t up for debate is why Marco is doing this. He’s always been an activist, fed up of the Inners controlling everything. He’s done with decades of exploitation. Now is the time to rise up against the Inners.

The question is what he really wants to gain from it all.

Does Marco really view himself as a Belter?

Okay, that’s a trick question. Of course he does. But at the same time, he doesn’t.

If you listen to him speak, he doesn’t have a Belter accent. He doesn’t use the speech. Not unless he’s trying to push some of the tribes to join him.

Nor does he have any Belter tattoos. He doesn’t even have the tattoo around the neck that marks the burn marks the old vac suits left on people. He’s never really belonged to a Belter tribe.

While he’s a Belter in terms of rising up, it all suggests that he also wants to be viewed as an Inner. He doesn’t want anything on the outside that marks him as someone that isn’t an Earther or a Martian.

It suggests that maybe he’s not rallying the Belters together for them. He doesn’t really want to help bring change for the overall population. His aim isn’t to support other people.

His single goal is power. He’s a narcissist, and that’s a dangerous personality trait in a leader. This is a man who doesn’t care about life at all. He’s just bothered about getting the goal in his mind—the goal of having ultimate power in the Belt. After all, if the Belt becomes independent in some sort of way, he can claim leadership in what is likely to be a dictatorship.

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What do you think Marco really wants? Why doesn’t he have Belter tattoos? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

The Expanse Season 5 airs on Wednesdays on Amazon Prime Video.