Canceled or renewed: All the Amazon shows with unknown fates

Homecoming season 2. Image Courtesy Ali Goldstein/Amazon Studios
Homecoming season 2. Image Courtesy Ali Goldstein/Amazon Studios /
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Absentia Season 3, Amazon Prime Video
Absentia – Season 3 – Episode 302 – Block 1 Day 17 — Courtesy of Elena Nenkova/Sony Pictures Television /


Absentia isn’t an Amazon Original all around the world. For example, Canada doesn’t have the third season on Amazon Prime Video yet. However, it is a Prime Original in the U.S., and so it counts on this list.

The third season was certainly a strong one.

Picking up off the back of the second season, we see Emily getting ready to return to work after her suspension. However, things aren’t working according to plan when there’s a new conspiracy for her to deal with.

Emily certainly has to figure out who she can trust. That’s not easy when people have broken her trust in the past, but there is a small group of people she knows she can rely on: her family. And she will do whatever it takes to protect them all.

There isn’t a fourth season confirmed just yet, but this is one of those shows we think should be renewed. When it comes to crime dramas, it routinely keeps us on our feet with the plot. At the same time, all characters have received some excellent character development. They’re not always likable as people, but they are loved within the plot (even loved to hate at times).

Is there a chance the show will be renewed? It’s hard to say. EP Will Pascoe has shared a few tweets recently that suggest the show hasn’t been renewed. We hope that’s not the case!