Canceled or renewed: All the Amazon shows with unknown fates

Homecoming season 2. Image Courtesy Ali Goldstein/Amazon Studios
Homecoming season 2. Image Courtesy Ali Goldstein/Amazon Studios /
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Homecoming season 2. Image Courtesy Ali Goldstein/Amazon Studios /

Will these Amazon shows be canceled or renewed in 2020?

Not all Amazon shows were given renewals during 2020. Likewise, not everything was outrightly canceled.

There were five big Amazon Original TV shows that didn’t get renewals or cancellations.

When you start looking at the children’s shows, there are a lot more. However, I do find that Amazon is relatively quiet with the cancellations and renewals of children’s shows, partly because it doesn’t make big news in the way that the scripted live-action originals do. Not as many people are looking for the kids’ shows, and kids tend to not notice as much.

So, it’s time to look at the five shows with unknown fates. We’ll look at the chances of them being canceled or renewed in 2021.


Homecoming Season 2 arrived on May 22, 2020. It continued in the same universe as the first season but didn’t have Julia Roberts in the lead role. Instead, Janelle Monáe led the show.

Characters from the first season did turn up, though. The most notable was Stephan James’s Walter Cruz, who wanted to get some answers after everything that happened in the first season.

Homecoming Season 2 was good but not as good as the first season. Plus, the ending did seem to wrap a few things up. It’s one of those endings that leaves a few things open for another season if necessary but can end well enough without more content.

With Amazon waiting so long to make a decision on the show, it’s looking like Homecoming will be canceled.