The Expanse age rating: Is the show okay for kids?

Photo: The Expanse: Season 4.. Image Courtesy Amazon Studios
Photo: The Expanse: Season 4.. Image Courtesy Amazon Studios /

What is The Expanse age rating?

The Expanse is one of Amazon’s hottest shows. There’s no doubt you want to introduce it to as many people as possible. What about your children? What is The Expanse age rating, and is it okay for kids?

The Expanse was originally a SYFY series. It then moved to Amazon for the fourth season after being abruptly and unfairly canceled. Both SYFY and Amazon have one thing in common when it comes to TV shows: they tend to be fairly adult.

The official age rating for The Expanse

Officially, the show is rated a TV-14 according to Parents Guide on IMDb.

However, there is a lot of sex and nudity from the beginning. It’s nothing on the level of The Boys, but it is still there. This is something you’ll want to watch for yourself and determine if it is suitable for your own children.

Each country has its own ratings, but the highest are 16+ in India and M in Australia and New Zealand. Most countries put The Expanse age rating at around 13 to 15.

Individual episodes could end up with a higher rating. It’s hard to set a rating for a whole TV show, especially one that is more of a political thriller than a romance series but still follows life events.

Why is The Expanse age rating set as it is?

The rating mostly comes from the topics and the language. After all, Avasarala is known for her potty mouth. She doesn’t swear that much in the first season, but it ramps up after that.

Some of this comes from the change of network and the rules changing within SYFY over recent years. SYFY used to bleep out the F-bombs, but now allows them more than it doesn’t. You’ll find that as those rules changed and then the network came, the language becomes stronger.

The C-word is never uttered.

There is also some mild violence and gore. You’ll want to check it out to see if it’s too much for your children.

The Expanse aftershow is pretty much PG-13, although there’s no age rating set for that.

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The Expanse is available to stream on Amazon Prime Video.