When will All My Life come to DVD and Blu-ray?

All My Life is available on VOD, but what about DVD and Blu-ray?

While there haven’t been many movies released during 2020, Unviersal Pictures has tried to bring a few. All My Life is the latest and came to VOD on Dec. 23.

The big question for many is when All My Life will be on DVD and Blu-ray. A release date hasn’t been confirmed just yet, but we can take a look at past Universal Pictures movies to get some sort of idea.

We’ll look at pandemic releases, such as The Invisible Man and Trolls World Tour to get an idea of the DVD release. While The Invisible Man started in theaters and then quickly went to VOD, Trolls World Tour was released direct to VOD in a pandemic-proof release format.

Both movies took about three months from the official release dates. As All My Life got a Dec. 4 theatrical release date, we’re probably looking at an early March 2021 DVD release date.

What is All My Life about?

The movie stars Jessica Rothe and Harry Shum Jr. as a couple who race to get married after one of them is diagnosed with liver cancer. We get a story of love, compassion, fear, anger, and acceptance. And everything is based on a true story.

While it may be a little cliche at times, it’s a romantic movie that has a strong storyline. It’s all about positivity in times of crisis and will certainly offer people a good cry throughout.

Can Sol beat the odds against cancer? You’ll need to watch the movie to find out.

Critics are never kind to romantic movies, so I wouldn’t pay too much attention to those reviews on Rotten Tomatoes. The majority of audiences loved it, and that’s who really counts when it comes to these types of movies.

All My Life is out on VOD now.