5 must-watch movies on HBO for Christmas Eve 2020

(from left) Kate (Emilia Clarke) and Tom (Henry Golding) in "Last Christmas," directed by Paul Feig.
(from left) Kate (Emilia Clarke) and Tom (Henry Golding) in "Last Christmas," directed by Paul Feig. /

Last Christmas is one of five must-watch movies on HBO this Christmas Eve

Can you believe that it’s almost Christmas? In just a few days, the kids will be tearing the wrapping paper off the presents you got them. You may even be getting ready for family coming over. You want to spend Christmas Eve with these must-watch movies on HBO to prepare.

These movies are great for you and a loved one to watch on the couch. They’re not really for the kids, giving you something to watch while you wrap presents or get ready for Santa.

Here are the five must-watch movies on HBO for Christmas Eve 2020.

Last Christmas

We’ll start with the romantic movie starring Emilia Clarke and Harry Golding. Last Christmas (try not to get the song stuck in your head) focuses on Clarke’s Katarina who has a dream of becoming a singer but is stuck in a small job as an elf all year round.

When she bumps into a man, her world changes. He encourages her to reach for the stars, but is there hope for their love story?

Die Hard

Whether you count Die Hard as a Christmas movie or not, it’s a must-watch on Christmas Eve. You can watch all three original movies on HBO this year, and they’re certainly worth your time.

Follow Bruce Willis as he steps into the iconic role of John McClane. He will do whatever it takes to save his family from the bad guys, including scaling a building.

A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas

Sometimes you just want a comedy. A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas is one of the must-watch movies on HBO this Christmas Eve for that. If you’ve seen the other Harold and Kumar movies, you’ll know exactly what to expect.

The stoners try to create a magical Christmas. Oh yes, everything that could go wrong does go wrong.

Black Christmas

Want a horror movie? While it isn’t the best horror out there, there are moments that will have you on the edge of your seat. It’s also an easy horror movie to follow when you’re wrapping Christmas gifts.

Turn down the lights and follow this sorority at Christmas when there’s a killer on the loose. The most recent version of Black Christmas is available on HBO now.

A Christmas Carol

Finally, it’s time for one of the classics. The 1938 version of A Christmas Carol is available to watch on HBO. This is one that you can watch alone or you can get the kids together as they drink their hot chocolate and leave out cookies for Santa.

The story is just what you’d expect. Scrooge is visited by three ghosts on Christmas Eve. Will those ghosts change his view of Christmas?

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Which must-watch movies on HBO are you watching this Christmas Eve? Let us know in the comments below.

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