The Expanse Season 5 and more on Amazon Prime Video this week

The Expanse -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video
The Expanse -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video /

The Expanse Season 5 is on Amazon Prime Video this week

Another week is here, which means more content coming to Amazon Prime Video. After a quiet weekend, there are plenty of new titles arriving during this week.

The Expanse Season 5 is one of the biggest arrivals of the week. The first three episodes of the season will drop on Wednesday, Dec. 16. After that, the episodes will release weekly, which is something many showrunners want to see happen on streaming services now.

Weekly releases are better for the shows in the long-term. When a show drops as a binge, it stays in the public eye for a couple of weeks, a month if lucky. However, it’s only until some sort of news comes out now and then that the show gets a major promotion push until the next season drops.

When the shows release weekly, they remain in the public eye for longer. This gets more people to tune in and pay attention. And those who want the binge-watch can just wait until the full season is released to get that benefit.

Final Small Axe movie and more on Amazon Prime Video this week

There are a few movies to look out for this week. Friday, Dec. 18 sees the release of the last Small Axe movie. Education is the last movie, starring Kenyah Sandy, Sharlene Whyte, Tamara Lawrance, and Daniel Francis. This movie focuses on the school system that is certainly rigged.

If you’re looking for a movie with a lot of heart but also bittersweet moments, it’s all about Blackbird. Originally on the list for September releases, the Susan Sarandon movie is finally coming on Friday, Dec. 18. It’s about a woman who is terminally ill and just wants to die on her own terms, but she wants her family to be around her for that to happen.

Finally, there’s a new Grand Tour special. Titled The Massive Hunt, it sees the three leads head off on what they think is going to be a cushty expedition. It turns out to be anything but.

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