When is The Crown Season 4 coming to DVD and Blu-ray?

Picture shows: Priness Diana (EMMA CORRIN) and Prince Charles (JOSH O CONNOR). Image courtesy Ollie UptonNetflix
Picture shows: Priness Diana (EMMA CORRIN) and Prince Charles (JOSH O CONNOR). Image courtesy Ollie UptonNetflix /

When is The Crown Season 4 DVD release date going to be?

The Crown Season 4 is now available to stream on Netflix, but many people want to add it to their DVD collections. When will the season be available to buy on DVD and Blu-ray?

We can say that The Crown Season 4 will very much likely come to DVD and Blu-ray. The three previous seasons have been released in this form, although they have not come to Digital. Netflix is keeping the online method of viewing exclusive to its service, and that makes a lot of sense financially.

But what about the DVD and Blu-ray release? How long do we need to wait for The Crown Season 4 to come to DVD?

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We’re likely waiting a year for the DVD release

Judging by previous seasons, we’re looking at about a year before The Crown Season 4 is on DVD and Blu-ray. That’s been the case with all previous seasons, with the third season becoming available just weeks before the fourth season dropped on Netflix.

The Crown Season 5 won’t likely premiere next year. Filming won’t start until summer 2021, so the release isn’t expected until the end of 2022. That won’t disrupt the DVD release date.

We just have to look at when Season 2 was released on DVD. The third season was delayed by a year (for similar reasons to the upcoming fifth season), but the second season still came to DVD about a year after the release on Netflix.

We’re looking at November 2021 for The Crown Season 4 on DVD and Blu-ray.

Will there be any bonus features? There have been some bonus features on seasons before, so there will likely be some now. However, we don’t tend to get deleted scenes or gag reels like with traditional DVD releases.

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The Crown Season 4 will come to DVD and Blu-ray sometime in November 2021.