25 best Amazon Originals right now: Changes from 2020 original series

Utopia - Courtesy of Amazon Studios / Prime Video
Utopia - Courtesy of Amazon Studios / Prime Video /

Utopia is joining the list of best Amazon Originals on Prime Video

There are some excellent Amazon Originals from 2020. Whether you want sci-fi, horror-comedy, or satire, you’re covered.

Amazon has certainly upped its game when it comes to original shows. We’re making a few changes to the list of best Amazon Originals that make your Prime membership worth it to add these new shows in. And shows that have had new seasons have led to a few changes of placement.

We’re looking back at 2020. There may still be some changes to come before the end of the year, but these are the biggest shows so far. You can see where everything now sits on the full list, finding 25 excellent TV shows that are more than worth checking out.

What’s making it to the list from 2020?

There are four new TV shows joining. They are:


Truth Seekers

Two TV shows had new seasons drop during the year. These new seasons cause a little movement on the list. Look out for:

Hanna Season 2

The Boys Season 2

Homecoming Season 2

Upcoming Amazon Originals to look out for

There are a few new originals still to come throughout November and December. They may or may not make it to the list, and it’s going to depend on reviews of the series. And remember that this is only about TV shows. There are some excellent Amazon original movies that we’re still in the process of ranking now that Amazon has upped the game there.

Some of the upcoming Amazon Originals in November and December to look out for are:

Wayne Season 1

Alex Rider Season 1

The Expanse Season 5

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What do you think of the list? Which Amazon Originals do you watch over and over again? Share your top picks in the comments below.

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