What’s streaming on Amazon Prime Video this weekend? [Oct. 10-11]

Photo: The Spanish Princess.. Image Courtesy Nick Briggs, Starz
Photo: The Spanish Princess.. Image Courtesy Nick Briggs, Starz /

Everything new on Amazon Prime Video from Oct. 10 to 11

We’re into a new weekend. That means two things. You have time to watch the content that dropped on Amazon Prime Video throughout the week, and you have time for new content on the streaming service.

It’s a quiet weekend on Prime from Oct. 10 to 11. However, there is still plenty to watch. You can also turn to Amazon Channels for some exciting new releases.

What’s new on Amazon Prime Video this weekend?

Only one new addition will happen during the weekend. The 2011 movie Jack and Jill will drop on the streaming service. Adam Sandler stars as both characters, telling the story of a man who hates Thanksgiving because it means putting up with his twin sister.

It’s a standard Adam Sandler movie. If you like his other stuff, this one will entertain you this weekend.

Catch up on everything you missed last week

There was plenty of new content throughout the week. If you’re looking for horror movies, The Lie and Black Box both dropped on the streaming service, bringing some Blumhouse fun to Amazon Prime Video.

This is also the chance to watch Terminator: Dark Fate and Mr. Robot Season 4 if you’ve had to hold off until they become available for free on a streaming service.

The biggest release is The Boys Season 2 finale. That means you can spend the whole weekend binge-watching the second season of the popular superhero dramedy.

Check out Amazon Channels throughout the weekend

If you still can’t find anything to watch, you’ll want to turn to Amazon Channels. There are a few offerings.

Cats is available on HBO this weekend. It did receive some very mixed reviews, but it could be worth the watch if you’re looking to see what all the comments were about.

STARZ has the premiere of The Spanish Princess Part 2. The focus is on Catherine of Aragon as she leads the men into battle while her husband is on a campaign in France. Get ready for a warrior queen.

Need something for the family? Hook dropped on SHOWTIME earlier in the week. Now is the time to watch it with your Amazon Channels subscription.

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What are you watching on Amazon Prime Video this weekend? Let us know in the comments below.

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