All 13 Amazon Originals coming in October 2020

The Boys Season 2 -- Courtesy of Jasper Savage/Amazon Prime Video
The Boys Season 2 -- Courtesy of Jasper Savage/Amazon Prime Video /
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Evil Eye

The third Welcome to Blumhouse movies is next. This one is based off Madhuri Shekar’s Audible Original production, telling the story of a woman who seems to meet the perfect man. Problems occur when the woman’s mother is sure that she knows the man connected dangerously to her own past. Will anyone believe the mother before it’s too late?

Evil Eye is streaming on Oct. 13.


The final Welcome to Blumhouse offering is from Zu Quirke in her feature debut. This one takes place in an elite arts academy. A timid music student discovers a mysterious notebook that belonged to a classmate who recently died. This student suddenly starts to outperform her more accomplished twin sister, setting everyone up for questions, anger, and jealousy.

Nocturne is available to stream from Oct. 13.

What the Constitution Means to me

You’ve seen All In: The Fight for Democracy. Now it’s time for another documentary movie focused on politics. This is an important subject with the Presidential Elections just around the corner. What the Constitution Means to Me focuses on 15-year-old Heidi Schreck who won numerous Constitutional debate competitions, gaining her college tuition in the process. Now she looks back at the four generations of women and how the Constitution shaped their lives.

You can watch on Oct. 16.