5 major questions after watching Lovecraft Country Episode 5

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Lovecraft Country season 1. Photograph by Courtesy of HBO

The biggest questions we have after watching Lovecraft Country Episode 5

Lovecraft Country Episode 5 was an important one for Ruby’s character. She had the chance to experience life as a white woman, but there was never a chance she would forget who she is as Ruby Baptiste.

The episode also gave us a look at Montrose’s secret, which was not the “illicit” relationship I expected him to have during the episode. I honestly thought it was going to come back to him Shawshanking his way out of the prison in the second episode.

Regardless, it was a major episode that left us with plenty of questions. Here are my five biggest after watching Lovecraft Country Episode 5.

What will Ruby and Christina do now?

We start with the big reveal at the end of Lovecraft Country Episode 5 involving Christina. She is William. She uses the same magic that she gave Ruby, but to be a man instead of Ruby becoming a white woman. It definitely doesn’t take away from the trials of Black people, but Christina has always pointed out the flaws in being a woman so it’s not surprising that she uses magic to be a man.

Now that Ruby knows the truth, what is she going to do? She had sex with William. She questioned why William chose her. There will be so many more questions running through her mind now she knows William is Christina.

However, the two are now connected in other ways. What’s next for them as a pair?

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