5 good Amazon movies to watch this weekend: Aug. 22-23

Lili Reinhart as Grace Town in CHEMICAL HEARTS
Lili Reinhart as Grace Town in CHEMICAL HEARTS /

Chemical Hearts is just one of the Amazon movies to watch this weekend

Are you looking for something to watch? Amazon Prime Video doesn’t have anything new joining this weekend, but that doesn’t mean there are no Amazon movies to watch.

Some of the releases are on Amazon Channels. One of them is a movie that’s leaving STARZ next week, and you’ll want to check it out now while you can.

Here are the five Amazon movies to watch this weekend.

Chemical Hearts

The first movie on the list is the newest addition to Amazon Prime Video. You can now stream Lili Reinhart’s Chemical Hearts. Based on the novel “Our Chemical Hearts” by Krystal Sutherland, the movie is about a hopeless romantic who has never been in love.

Henry is looking for the once-in-a-lifetime type of love. Will he find it in new girl Grace Town?

Rain Man

Another option is taking us back to the start of the month. Rain Man dropped on the service and remains a cult classic to check out. Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman star as brothers who don’t know about each other.

When Cruise’s Charlie finds out his father left all his money to a brother he doesn’t know, he goes in search of this brother. He finds out his brother is autistic, and now he may have a way to convince his brother to give up the inheritance after all.


We’re turning our attention to STARZ for the next addition. If you love satirical films, then Greed is the one to watch. It’s about a British billionaire whose company starts to face financial trouble. There’s a personal scandal at the same time.

This billionaire needs to turn things around. What’s better than throwing himself a lavish 60th birthday part on a Greek island? That’s going to work, right?

The Da Vinci Code

Staying with STARZ, we’re turning to Amazon movies that are leaving next week. The Da Vinci Code is on its way out. While not one of Tom Hanks’s best roles ever, it’s an intriguing movie that does a pretty good job of transforming the Dan Brown novel.

Angels and Demons (the movie sequel but the first book in the series) is also leaving the streaming service. If you have time, check out this movie, too.

Queen and Slim

Last but certainly by no means least is Queen and Slim. This is a poignant movie of the time, focusing on a Black couple on a date pulled over for a minor traffic violation. When things get out of control, Slim shoots the cop with the cop’s own gun, and the couple is forced to go on the run.

Eventually, the footage shows that Slim acted in self-defense. However, the two are already on the run and have been through a night of trauma and fear. Is there a way out on the other side?

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Which Amazon movies are you watching this weekend? Let us know in the comments below.

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