All the Amazon Originals coming to Amazon Prime Video in August 2020

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Amazon Originals

PARIS, FRANCE – NOVEMBER 20: In this photo illustration, the Amazon Prime video media service provider’s logo is displayed on the screen of a television on November 20, 2019 in Paris, France. Amazon Prime video is a major player in streaming as its competitors, Disney, Netflix, Disney +, HBO and Apple TV. (Photo by Chesnot/Getty Images)

5 new Amazon Originals are heading to Prime Video next month

There is plenty of content heading to Amazon Prime Video throughout August 2020. Of course, many are interested in the new Amazon Originals, with five of them heading our way during the month.

It’s time to look at each Amazon Original movie and show making its way to Prime in August. This will help you find something that you’re excited about watching. This list is done in order of arrival to make it easier to find something.

Jessy & Nessy Season 1B

It all starts with the arrival of something for the children. Parents, I’m sure you’re going to be just as happy as I am!

Jessy & Nessy is an awesome show. It follows Jessy, a young and curious little girl who goes on adventures with her best friend, Nessy. Nessy is a thousand-year-old creature, by the way. The two explore how the world works through Jessy’s magical glasses, teaching viewers all sorts of interesting things.

I’m sure your kids have already watched and rewatched the first set of episodes already. Probably over and over again! Well, Season 1B is dropping soon. It’s not going to be tens of episodes, but it’s enough to offer something new. And Jessy & Nessy isn’t the only kids’ program this month.

Jessy & Nessy Season 1B drops on Aug. 7.

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