5 top DVD and Blu-ray releases this week: June 9

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Mandip Gill as Yaz, Tosin Cole as Ryan, Jodie Whittaker as The Doctor, Buom Tihngang as Tibo, Bradley Walsh as Graham – Doctor Who _ Season 12, Episode 7 – Photo Credit: James Pardon/BBC Studios/BBC America

The top DVD and Blu-ray releases on June 9, including Doctor Who

There are a few big DVD and Blu-ray releases this week. June 9 sees top TV shows head to DVD, while a few movies also get the physical disc treatment.

Trying to choose between a large selection can be difficult. It’s important to cut out that feeling of being overwhelmed when there are a lot of choices. That’s why we offer the top picks of the week.

Here are the top five DVD and Blu-ray picks this week, whether you’re looking for a top sci-fi series or a movie with heart.

Doctor Who Season 12

Starting with the sci-fi and fantasy genre, Doctor Who fans will be happy to hear that Season 12 is available on DVD and Blu-ray this week. It’s Jodie Whittaker’s second season in the lead role, surrounded by her mates, Yaz, Ryan, and Graham.

The season had one of the biggest twists in the premiere episode, although there were plenty of clues along the way. It also offered some exciting thrills and a season-long arc throughout.

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