5 TV shows to watch if you love Bosch

Photo: Bosch season 5.. Credit: Aaron Epstein / Amazon Prime Video.
Photo: Bosch season 5.. Credit: Aaron Epstein / Amazon Prime Video. /
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1. The Wire

Do you want something that has plenty of seasons to get through? Then you’re going to want to watch The Wire. The HBO series is available in full on Amazon Prime Video, and it’s one of the strongest crime dramas you will ever get to watch.

Jimmy McNutty, played by Dominic West, is assigned to a new task force. It’s a joint homicide and narcotics task force that is designed to bring down the drug-dealing underbelly of Baltimore. Of course, police forces clash as they try to get the work done.

Each season is slightly different. The idea is that a different institution within the city of Baltimore is introduced. We see that institution’s relationship with law enforcement, which allows for characters to switch to different areas and see more growth than in a traditional crime drama story.

The fifth season is extremely timely, focusing on the print news medium. However, the city government and education are also institutions focused on throughout the series. We get a show more than just another TV crime drama, but one about a city and how it works.

You can watch all five seasons on Amazon Prime Video right now. If it disappears, you’ll be able to watch on HBO with Amazon Channels.

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What are you watching while you wait for Bosch Season 7? What do you recommend to those looking for Bosch alternatives? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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