5 TV shows to watch if you love Bosch

Photo: Bosch season 5.. Credit: Aaron Epstein / Amazon Prime Video.
Photo: Bosch season 5.. Credit: Aaron Epstein / Amazon Prime Video. /
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Goliath Season 3, Amazon
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2. Goliath

The third Amazon Original is all about the Billy Bob Thornton series, Goliath. While Bosch focuses on the search for the criminals, Goliath focuses on getting justice. After all, lead character Billy McBride is a lawyer.

It’s not as simple as that, of course. McBride is a disgraced lawyer who wants redemption. He gets that one chance, but should he fail, it will destroy his career forever. McBride is willing to take the risk, whatever it means.

Of course, the justice system isn’t as fair as everyone makes it out to be. It’s certainly weighed in the favor of the powerful and rich. That puts McBride at a serious disadvantage, but he’s always known that’s a problem.

Like Bosch, there is a serialized form of storytelling to the series. Each season has a new story to tell with finales that set up some potential ongoing storylines for the next seasons.

Right now, there are three seasons available. Goliath Season 4 has been confirmed, but it will be the last. There’s no saying when the season will be available on Amazon Prime Video just yet.