3 Digital releases to grab on Amazon Video this week: Apr. 7

Jeremy Irvine in THE LAST FULL MEASUREPhoto Credit: Wasan Puengprasert Courtesy of Roadside Attractions
Jeremy Irvine in THE LAST FULL MEASUREPhoto Credit: Wasan Puengprasert Courtesy of Roadside Attractions /

The Last Full Measure is just one of the great Amazon Video releases this week. Here are the top movies you need to grab on Apr. 7.

There are some excellent movies making their way to Digital this week. At the same time, there are some that are designed just to make you laugh, which you need right now. Here are three to consider grabbing this week on Amazon Video.

Whether you want to be scared or you want to laugh, there are some excellent movies making their way to VOD. These are all available to buy through Amazon Video (or you can get through iTunes and other Digital platforms).

3. Like a Boss

Let’s start with a comedy. While Like a Boss didn’t get the greatest reception from critics, audiences enjoyed it. That’s not all too surprising. Critics can struggle to look at comedy movies in general objectively, forgetting the main purpose of these types of movies.

Like a Boss is female-led, starring Tiffany Haddish, Salma Hayek, and Rose Byrne. It’s about two friends who run their own cosmetics company. When it’s bought by a major brand, they think their life is set up for them. Is it all sunshine and rainbows?

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2. Gretel and Hansel

For those who want a horror movie, it’s all about Gretel and Hansel. It’s a new take on the Grimm Brothers fairy tale, known better as Hansel and Gretel.

In this version, a sister takes her brother to the woods in search for food. They come across a home that belongs to a strange old woman. She may not be the kind woman she initially seems though.

1. The Last Full Measure

Finally, it’s all about a movie that is focused on history. The Last Full Measure is finally available to buy on Amazon Video, bringing a story from the Vietnam War to life. During the war, William H. Pitsenbarger put his life on the line to save men from the jungle. He even made the ultimate sacrifice to do so.

However, his bravery was never recognized. So, Scott Huffman decides to challenge those who hand out the Congressional Medal of Honor. It’s time to right this wrong. What Huffman finds is something much bigger than a missing medal and a major conspiracy.

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What are you getting on Amazon Video this week? Share your favorites for the week in the comments below.

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