5 big questions for Hunters Season 2

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4. Who is Rebekah connected to?

Rebekah has a lot of secrets. Hands up if you wondered if she was a Nazi infiltrating the group at one point? Yeah, that was an easy assumption to make.

It doesn’t seem like she’s a Nazi, but she’s definitely hiding something. We now need to find out what her secrets are.

Some theories point to her being part of Mossad. That would make some sense, but what about MI6? I do like the idea of Mossad, though, considering that’s Israeli Intelligence. You know that she’d get the information she needs and that they would be entirely against the Nazis.

Regardless of who she is working for, what does she want? What exactly is her end game? And what is she going to do now that she’s found out she was working for The Wolf this whole time?

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3. Is The American trying to create a Fifth Reich?

Oh, Greg Austin did a brilliant job of making us love to hate his character. Travis Leich, aka “The American,” was left in a jail cell at the end of Hunters Season 1. You would think he’d be looking for a way to get out, but he’s actually working on creating an uprising.

The Fourth Reich attempts failed. Is he going to attempt a Fifth Reich? Considering his position within The Colonel’s circle, he would have certainly known some of the bigger plans. It’s certainly possible that he stashed enough away outside should he ever need it.

Now that he’s causing an uprising in prison, it’s not going to be long until he finds a way to get out. The anti-Semitism in the States in the 1970s was ripe. Travis wouldn’t just convert inmates but also guards. Who’s to say what he could do!