Bombshell heading to DVD and Blu-ray in March 2020

Are you ready to see Nicole Kidman, Charlize Theron, and Magot Robbie excel together? Bombshell is heading to DVD and Blu-ray in March 2020.

It’s the year of women, and Bombshell kicked it all off for us with its late-December 2019 release. Now it’s time to make space for it on your shelf, because Bombshell is heading to DVD and Blu-ray extremely soon.

The Lionsgate movie has landed a release date of Mar. 10, 2020. You can get the Blu-ray combo pack, meaning you grab yourself a digital code at the same time. And you can pre-order the movie based on a true story through Amazon right now, landing the Price Guarantee.

For those who prefer Digital, you’ll be able to own it much sooner. In fact, it’s heading our way in a month’s time on Feb. 25, 2020.

What to expect on the Bombshell DVD:

The DVD boxset is packed with excellent special features. You’ll get them no matter which version of the movie you buy, including Digital.

  • “No Easy Truths: The Making of Bombshell” 7-Part Documentary:
  • “Convergence: Genesis of the Film” Featurette
  • “Quid Pro Quo: Charlize, Nicole, Margot, John” Featurette
  • “Human Dynamics: The Ensemble Cast” Featurette
  • “Breaking the Fourth Wall: Visual Design” Featurette
  • “Layer by Layer: Makeup, Hair & Clothing” Featurette
  • “A Unique Skill Set: Jay Roach” Featurette
  • “Catalyst for Change: Parting Thoughts” Featurette
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Bombshell is a movie all about the brigade of blonde women, always seen on camera at FOX. But what you see and what happens behind the scenes is very different. Female staff found it difficult to work under Roger Ailes due to a toxic environment, and it got to a point where they had to speak up.

This is certainly one for the time period. Let’s shine a light on the harassment that has happened in the workplace for years and gone ignored.

Check out the trailer for Bombshell below:

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What are you waiting to come to DVD and Blu-ray? What did you think of Bombshell? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Bombshell is on DVD and Blu-ray on Mar. 10, 2020.

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