20 most anticipated movies coming in 2020

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Anticipated MOvies


Are you ready for some exciting movies? Not sure what you should plan to see in theaters? Here are the 20 most anticipated movies coming in 2020.

There are some excellent movies coming out in 2020. Some of them will go under the radar, meaning you miss out in theaters and have to wait for them to come to DVD or a streaming service. You won’t want to miss out on the most anticipated movies coming to theaters in 2020.

Sometimes, it gets overwhelming with the number of titles. Or there’s just not enough promotion (or money available) to make sure you know about some of the greats. Whether you want horror, romance, comedy, or something else, there is something for everyone coming out this year.

We’re only looking at the movies that will come to theaters or Amazon Prime Video throughout 2020. This means movies that are heading straight to Netflix, Disney+ or other streaming services won’t be included, as there’s no guarantee that they’ll be available to purchase or watch via Amazon in some way.

The list is also in release date order, making it easy to find something in a month that suits you, or so you can easily plan ahead. Here are the 20 most anticipated movies coming in 2020.

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