5 good movies on Amazon to watch on New Year’s Eve

Brittany Runs A Marathon -- Photo Credit: Courtesy of Amazon Studios
Brittany Runs A Marathon -- Photo Credit: Courtesy of Amazon Studios /

New Year’s Eve 2019 will give us a chance to see in a new decade. Don’t want to watch the ball drop? Check out these movies on Amazon instead.

We’re not just seeing in a new year. New Year’s Eve 2019 is all about seeing in a new decade. And you want to do it in style. Not bothered about watching the ball drop? Here are five great movies to watch on Amazon this New Year’s Eve.

5. FAT: A Documentary

New Year’s Eve is all about getting ready for a change to come. We want to lose weight, improve our health, and more. FAT: A Documentary is a great movie on Amazon for New Year’s Eve.

Health expert Vinnie Tortorich takes you through the myths of weight loss and healthy eating. It’s time to look at food differently. This is the chance to make sure you make changes for the better in the new decade.

4. One Child Nation

Throughout the late 20th century until just a few years ago, China had a policy that attempted to combat the growing population problem. However, the implementation and trouble that it caused would lead to shockwaves for decades after. Those shockwaves continue.

One Child Nation looks into the policy and the shockwaves. It tells the story of the victims and the perpetrators, told through the eyes of children from the One Child policy. It’s certainly worth a watch this New Year’s Eve.

3. The Avengers

What’s better than the movie that started off the entire Avengers? After all, you watched Captain America: The First Avenger over Christmas, right? This one will bring all four individual heroes together with a task to save New York City from Loki.

There are a few other Marvel movies on Amazon Prime Video, too. You can watch Thor if you need a reminder of Thor and Loki’s story before The Avengers. Finish off the franchise with Disney Plus.

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2. A Simple Favor

Need a good thriller? A Simple Favor is more than worth checking out. Starring Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively, the movie focuses on two women who seem to develop a great friendship. Then Lively’s character as Kendrick’s for one simple favor. That’s the day Blake’s character goes missing.

Naturally, there’s a bigger family thriller within the story. It’s one to check out once the kids are in bed and you’re waiting for the clock to strike midnight.

1. Brittany Runs a Marathon

The New Year is a time for change. We want to make ourselves look and feel better, so what’s better than a movie that is all about change? Brittany Runs a Marathon sees a woman take control of her life, although not because she initially wants to. Brittany has skirted through life up to this point, but now she needs to improve her health and she wants to run a marathon.

We’re not saying you need to run a marathon, but this is a great time to get some inspiration through the form of this Amazon Original.

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What are you watching on Amazon this New Year’s Eve? Share your suggestions in the comments below.

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