30 TV shows in danger of being canceled in 2020

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26. Charmed

Network: The CW

Number of seasons: 2

Why it’s in danger of being canceled: Part of me thinks that we’re coming to the end of the Charmed reboot. I know a lot of haters will be happy to hear that, and I find that sad because it means haters are happy that people are losing their jobs.

Regardless, the ratings for the show have tanked with the Friday night move. That isn’t all that surprising. The one thing saving it is that the ratings have steadily increased since the Season 2 premiere. I feel like if the show had aired this season as the first season we wouldn’t have had the Friday night move. It has seen stronger storytelling.

The CW doesn’t tend to cancel shows outright once they get past their first season anymore. So either we’ll get a third and final season or the show will continue to do well because delayed viewing is great.

Something else that gives us hope is that this is a CBS Studios production. It means CBS/The CW isn’t paying too much in licensing the series, which it does with the WB produced TV shows.

Update Jan. 7, 2020: Charmed has officially been renewed for Season 3

Dublin Murders — Courtesy of STARZ
Dublin Murders — Courtesy of STARZ /

25. Dublin Murders

Network: STARZ

Number of seasons: 1

Why it’s in danger of being canceled: I’m on the fence about this show, but I do see it being canceled. Dublin Murders has the issue of being a joint production with BBC One, which makes renewals a little difficult. If BBC One didn’t see the viewership it wanted, then it could decide not to renew. That would be left with STARZ deciding whether to pick up the series alone or cancel it.

With the live ratings they are, it could be a sign the show is going to be canceled. However, STARZ looks at subscribers watching the series rather than live ratings, which could help see the show get through to Season 2.