10 top DVD and Blu-ray releases to check out in December 2019

Margot Robbie stars in ONCE UPON A TIME IN HOLLYWOOD.
Margot Robbie stars in ONCE UPON A TIME IN HOLLYWOOD. /
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6. Abominable

When it comes to the kids, you’ll want to get them Abominable. This sweet movie is going to make the perfect Christmas gift. Those who loved the likes of Monsters Inc. and How to Train Your Dragon will adore this movie.

Abominable is about a young girl who finds a yeti on her roof. She and her friends must embark on a dangerous adventure to get the yeti back to his family. It’s all about acceptance, love, and family, which is a perfect message to send to children over the holiday season.

Abominable will be released on Dec. 17, so there’s time to get it before Christmas.

5. Killjoys Season 5

I promised another final season to add to your collection. Did you guess it would be the final season of the SYFY series, Killjoys? Season 5 is coming to DVD and Blu-ray in December, and it can’t be missed. After all, it was an exceptionally strong season and we’re even more disappointed that it’s the last.

Killjoys: The Complete Series is also out in case you need to catch up on your boxsets. This is definitely going to be for those who only just found out about the series. Honestly, SYFY has a promotion problem for some of its shows.

Anyway, Season 5 saw The Lady put Westerley under a collective delusion. Without any memory of anything, could anything help Westerley get out of this mess? Would Dutch be able to help?

Killjoys Season 5 and The Complete Series is out on Dec. 17.