5 TV shows to watch on Acorn TV at Thanksgiving weekend

A Place to Call Home -- Courtesy of Acorn TV
A Place to Call Home -- Courtesy of Acorn TV /
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Line of Duty — Courtesy of Acorn TV
Line of Duty — Courtesy of Acorn TV /

3. Line of Duty

There are plenty of crime dramas on Acorn TV. I could suggest something like Midsomer Murders or Murdoch Mysteries. In fact, you may be wondering why I haven’t. It’s all to do with the number of seasons available. There’s no way you’ll get through a good chunk of those shows during the weekend.

Line of Duty is different. Created by the man behind Bodyguard, there are just five seasons of Line of Duty available to stream. Each season is made up of just six episodes, so before you know it, you’ll be through the entire season.

Every season has it’s own contained mystery. While the personal storylines bleed over, the actual murder mystery will be wrapped in full, so you can follow along, make your guesses, and see if you’re right or wrong.

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There is a slight difference with Line of Duty compared to every other TV crime drama out there. The people who are caught by AC-12 are those who are supposed to protect the innocent. They’re the cops who break the law.

While this isn’t suitable for the entire family, it’s going to be something to stream throughout the weekend. You’ll probably run out of time but you’ll have something to see you through the holiday season while your favorite shows are on a hiatus.