Will Ford v Ferrari stream on Amazon Prime Video?

Ford v Ferrari is the car racing movie you need to watch, whether you love car racing or not. Will you be able to stream it on Amazon Prime Video?

Whether you love car racing or not, Ford v Ferrari is a movie you need to check out. Christian Bale and Matt Damon are shining in their lead roles, and there’s no doubt that you’ll want to check out Caitriona Balfe take on the role of supportive wife to a car racer. But maybe you want to stream the movie. Can you stream Ford v Ferrari on Amazon Prime Video?

As a 20th Century Fox movie, don’t expect Ford v Ferrari to head to Prime Video. At least, not right away. You never know what could happen at some point in the future. However, 20th Century Fox movies head to HBO first.

The great news for Amazon Prime fans is that you can get HBO as one of the Amazon Channels add-ons. It’s possible to watch the movie, along with everything else on HBO. This will be once the movie is added, which isn’t going to be for another six or eight months.

In May 2020, HBO Max will also be available to purchase. It’s possible that the movies will head to that streamer too. After all, HBO Max is going to get everything that HBO Now has. It’s not clear if this is going to be part of the Amazon Channels add-on yet.

Ford v Ferrari is impressing critics and audiences. So far, the movie has a 92% score on Rotten Tomatoes and is Certified Fresh. Audiences are even more positive at 99%.

Check out the trailer for Ford v Ferrari:

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Ford v Ferrari is out in theaters now.

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