Auliʻi Cravalho joins Leslie Mann in The Power adaptation

Amazon has found its co-lead for The Power. The Little Mermaid Live! star Auli’l Cravalho will join the Amazon Original production.

Auli’l Cravalho certainly impressed audiences with her performance in The Little Mermaid Live! earlier this week on ABC. It looks like she impressed many others. She’s now joined the cast of The Power as the co-lead.

Earlier this month, Amazon announced that Leslie Mann was joining the series, an adaptation of Naomi Alderman’s novel. She was the first cast member to join the series, and now she has her co-lead.

Cravalho will play, Jos, the daughter of Leslie Mann’s character, Margot. While Margot’s career is able to flourish, her husband and daughter feel left behind. They’re the ones that lose a connection with her.

For one of them, it means a greater understanding of Margot and that stops the conflict between the two of them. For the other, it leads to hurt and betrayal, when there used to be love. Deadline doesn’t share which one Jos will be, but I’m sure you can find out if you read the book.

The series will be developed by Alderman, meaning that it should be extremely close to her book. There are still many more characters to be cast in the production.

While Cravalho has certainly made a name for herself with her performance as Ariel, that isn’t all she’ll be known for soon. She’s also joined the cast of Netflix’s Sorta Like a Rock Star. You will also know her as the voice of Moana in the Disney animated film.

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What do you think of the latest casting for The Power? Are you excited to see the book come to life? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

The Power doesn’t have a release date yet. Stay tuned with Amazon Adviser for the latest details.

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