5 most OMG moments from Euphoria Season 1, Episode 7

Euphoria - Season 1, episode 7 (debut 7/28/19): Hunter Schafer. photo: Eddy Chen/HBO
Euphoria - Season 1, episode 7 (debut 7/28/19): Hunter Schafer. photo: Eddy Chen/HBO /
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2. Rue doesn’t make it to the toilet.

Rue’s storyline this episode is predominantly about her bladder, as the episode title suggests. Of course, it’s about something much deeper than that, but it’s symbolized by the point she gets to wherein her bladder might burst. She is in a deep depression over her relationship with Jules, and in general, the circumstances of her life at the moment. She remains in a pit of despair, watching 22 hours of Love Island, while also piecing together everything that went down with Nate, Tyler, and Jules.

All of this is done with Rue playing a Morgan Freeman role that is hilariously parodied. By episode’s end, we know that Rue is probably struggling with bipolar disorder, for real, and she’s at a low point. But knowing that the waxing and waning of her emotions will persist forever is a weighty thought to have. Her realization of peeing in the bed and her mom having to clean her up makes it seem like her resilience to drugs is going to be put to the test very soon.

1. Nate calls the police on Fez.

Rue somewhat nonchalantly mentions how awful Nate is to Jules and Rue to Fez. Poor Fez. He is trying to do his best. He wants to protect Rue, but his drug empire is also becoming increasingly messy. The same dealer returns to his house and tries to push Fez to do more, sell more, make more money, but Fez doesn’t want to. Then Fez runs into Nate and threatens to kill him if he doesn’t back off.

Nate doesn’t take kindly to the threat and calls the police on Fez. The last thing we see of him and his brother is them dumping all the new pills they got down the toilet while the cops knock on his door. If the police don’t get to Fez first, his supplier is not going to be happy about that loss of product. Let’s hope things don’t end as sadly for Fez as it appears it might.

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What did you think of tonight’s episode of Euphoria? What do you think is going to happen to Fez? What’s next for Rue and Jules? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

The season finale of Euphoria airs on HBO next Sunday at 10/9c.