5 most OMG moments from Euphoria Season 1, Episode 7

Euphoria - Season 1, episode 7 (debut 7/28/19): Hunter Schafer. photo: Eddy Chen/HBO
Euphoria - Season 1, episode 7 (debut 7/28/19): Hunter Schafer. photo: Eddy Chen/HBO /
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4. Kat put’s on her oddest cam performance yet.

Kat and Maddy have a blow-out fight while trying to help Cassie figure out what to do over her cheating on Daniel. Maddy doesn’t like Kat’s new attitude because she feels Kat is straight-up mean now. She does have a point. Kat wasn’t there for Maddy at her absolute lowest point. She’s been ignoring her friends a lot lately.

However, have we seen any of them reach out to Kat in return? It’s disheartening to see Kat reduced to tears and a good reminder that she is still a teenage girl, trying to figure out who she is. Even more disturbing is her cam performance, later on, a man who refuses to show his face logs on. He asks Kat to strip for him, and she does, although she’s clearly uncomfortable.

Typically she doesn’t get nude during her sessions. The screen is black, and all we hear is a raspy voice murmuring how beautiful she is. It’s super creepy, and eventually, Kat shuts her laptop down. Could she be done with camming for a while?

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3. Jules has an intense drug trip.

Jules is having a hard time coping with what Nate made her do. Tyler has been charged with assault, and Jules is feeling intense guilt. She blows everyone off for a week, staying in bed and claiming she has the flu. Then Jules decides to visit a friend for the weekend to escape all the Nate drama. While with her friend, TC, she meets her roommate, and all three of them go out to a rave.

Jules’ arc in this episode is particularly crucial because it’s the first time she talks explicitly about her trans experience, she mentions hormones and her desire to conquer feminity. At one point she is even asked why she feels like “she needs a man to be more feminine” and she doesn’t quite have an answer for that. In terms of her sexuality, Jules is still trying to figure things out.

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This is demonstrated at the rave when she gets high and has hallucinogenic sex with a woman who is definitely not Rue, but who reminds her of Rue. IN the midst of she has violent sex fantasies about Nate being the one she’s having sex with. In the visions involving Nate, she’s slapping him and telling him she wants everyone to know how terrible he is. I imagine some of this is Jules’ own frustration at potentially still being attracted to Nate despite how awful of a person he is.

Nate whispers, “I’m yours, I’m all yours.” It’s a very intense moment, intercut with strobe light splicing that would affect anyone given out how long it goes on. In an episode that’s about how fractured everyone is regardless of the fronts they put up, it is Jules who might do some of the most profound soul-searching here.

At the episode’s end, she feels a sense of deep melancholy, perhaps more guilt that she spent the night with someone who isn’t Rue. She texts her best friend and tells her, “you have no idea how much I missed you.”